First we would like to say thanks for your reply to the Ad we placed for Direct Sales Representatives.

We have had a great response and believe we have some quality people such as yourself who are interested in making a Full Time Income with Part Time Hours from the comfort of your own home.

We would love to bring on everyone but for some this job offer is not a good fit.

 Customer Acquisition Placement Specialists (C.A.P.S.)  In this role, you will contact individuals who have responded to our ad campaigns. These are people seeking this position. There is No Cold Calling or canvassing. The placement rate on these are extremely high.

 $1,000 per week PT + Residual Income  C.A.P.S. earn $125 per sale. You are paid immediately
and directly by the client. There are no 1099s. You can work from your location, and the schedule
is extremely flexible. On average part-time C.A.P.S. earn $1,000 per week plus residual income.
This is generated immediately even during the training process

 FREE Hot Leads  are generated continously via online marketing campaigns that pre-qualify prospects by having them view the product/service overview video below and then fill out a questionnaire indicating their level of interest.

In order for you to have a better idea of the service and product you will be selling,
please VIEW THE VIDEO below and then FILL OUT THE FORM below.